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Kontaktperson:Mattias Isik


We are looking for engineers to work on our infrastructure and developer platform experience, primarily focusing on the infrastructure of Pagero Transport Management Services (TMS).

Pagero’s 100+ engineers (in 15+ teams across the world) work in a microservices ecosystem with a devops culture, owning the lifecycle of their services. You will work in a team whose focus is to resolve issues with TMS infrastructure and platform, keep them up-to-date and continuously migrate to new tools and technologies. Their team’s vision is to, together with other teams, improve their platform where product teams can develop, manage, and monitor their services.

With Pagero providing a global service with local compliance, their infrastructure and platform is making a journey to support regions across the globe. By adopting Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies they expect the platform to evolve rapidly in a hybrid cloud environment.

You will:

  • Together with your team, drive engineering productivity and reliability practices within their TMS organization by providing guidance, best practices and working closely with product teams.
  • Be a part of driving adoption of cloud native technologies including Kubernetes.
  • Build and maintain infrastructure (using IaC) and toolchains in a hybrid cloud environment.

You might work on:

  • Improving developers’ access to relevant information about their systems, including alerts, logs, traces, and metrics.
  • Simplifying the path from zero to production for their developers, abstracting their intent from irrelevant implementation details.
  • Enabling teams to adapt their services to better support multi-regional locality of data and/or processing.
  • Working with teams on finding their needs (and possible solutions) for improvements on services moving from static to ephemeral infrastructure.


  • Enjoy greatly accelerating all engineers around you with innovative tools and processes that make their lives easier and enable them to focus on what they are building.
  • Enjoy solving complex problems requiring tight collaboration with other teams.
  • Understand the value of documenting and gradually promoting best practices.
  • Thrive in an open development culture where code reviews, pair programming and design discussions are natural ways to get feedback, learn and share knowledge.
  • Dipped your toes into several different software ecosystems and you are interested in exploring new ones.


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This is a consulting assignment which means that you will initially be employed by Friday. The ambition is that the assignment will result in a permanent position at the client company after a duration of 12 months.


Immediately/Upon agreed start date.


  • Employment type: Full time
  • Location: Gothenburg HQ, Västra Hamngatan 1 (alt. Stockholm, Kungsgatan 64)
  • Contac person: Mattias Isik
  • Salary: Fixed monthly

Apply by clicking the link below. Remember to be quick with your application as we make continuous selection of candidates and the position can be filled before the application deadline is due. 


By being a partner to our clients and candidates, we strive to find the best match for you both. We achieve this by really getting to know our clients and candidate’s needs! Of course, we will ensure that requirements and skillsets match. But above all, we focus on the importance to find harmony between values ​​and corporate culture which both candidate and client considers optimal.

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Kungportsavenyn 10
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Friday 2022®

Long for tomorrow